Who we are

E2Logicx is a privately held Global Company with strong consulting practice in the areas of SAP Enterprise Security, GRC, Compliance, Audit and Fraud detection. We help shield your business from cyber-attacks, frauds and protect your information assets with secure SAP and non-SAP solutions. We combine security strategies with a passion for delivering innovative and intelligent, next generation technologies.

Our customers are global leading companies in the industrial segments such as Aerospace & Defense, Banking & Financial Services, Construction, Engineering, High-Tech, Media, Oil & Gas, Public Sector, Pharmaceuticals, Public utilities, etc.

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mission/ vision

Our mission: To assist our clients into running their business in a safe and secure environment while managing risks, maintaining regulatory compliance with strong profitable process control and access control. We do this by delivering outstanding services backed by innovative solutions.

Our vision is to serve our clients against cybercrime, reducing their virtual risks, complying their intellectual property with standard regulations, all the while enhancing their operations and control solutions. Aspiring to become global leaders in information assurance, security, cyber security, governance, risk, controls and compliance, we target to support governments and businesses around the world.

Our Values:

Implementation Methodology

For fresh SAP Security and GRC implementation we follow ASAP Methodology which provides a proven, comprehensive, repeatable and rich implementation procedure to streamline projects.

Implementing a strong Security strategy with policy adherence is a pre-requisite to manage compliance and minimize risks.

Our solutions setup a secure and efficient authorization concept with process efficiency and adoption which can be based on organizational structures, business processes and role based authorization concepts.

Inplementation Standards:

Core values

Trust: By maintaining social, ethical and organizational norms, we firmly adhere to codes of acceptable conduct and professional ethical principles.

Impartiality: By providing consultation and advice that result in effective decision making based on established facts and rationale, our practices are devoid of any personal conflict of interests and bias built entirely on the grounds of professional business ethics.

Proactive: By taking prompt action to accomplish objectives; anticipating challenges and identifying early solutions; our core competency extends to providing a 360-degree solution to achieve goals beyond what is required or expected.

Core Values:


We rely on numerous partners that complement our services and increase our overall capabilities. Through collaboration, E2Logicx and our partners' exchange ideas, foster innovation, and provide world-class solutions to our customers.

E2Logicx has allied itself with key companies in the industry to form true partnerships that serve the best interests of our customers. Our strategy has always been to find companies whose business practices, service offerings, and technical expertise combine with ours to provide our clients with exceedingly high-quality Security, Cyber security, GRC, Audit & Compliance consulting services.

Our Partners:


Helping clients meet their business challenges begins with an in-depth understanding of the industries in which they work. E2Logicx established its industry-driven work structure.

Our industry-focused approach helps us provide an informed perspective on the various industrial issues, complex security threats, Governance, Risk, and Compliance challenges our clients face.

What’s more, it helps us identify and respond to key business and performance issues, providing custom services and solutions.

Industries we serve: