Cyber Threats

The Number of cyber-attacks against global governments and commercial enterprises continues to grow in an alarming frequency. Cyber-attacks are criminal activity conducted via the internet.

These attacks include stealing an organization’s intellectual property, financial information, confiscating bank accounts, personnel information, payment related information, creating and distributing viruses on other computers, posting confidential business information on the internet, disrupting a country’s critical national infrastructure, electric grids etc.

Know your opponents

  • Recreational

    Fame and notoriety

    Limited technical resources

  • Criminal


    Limited technical capabilities

  • Hacktivist


    Relentless, emotionally committed

    Vast networks

    Targeted attacks

  • Organized Crime

    Economic gain

    Significant technical resources and capabilitied

    Established Syndicates

    Adware, crimeware, IP theft

  • State Sponsored

    Cyberwar, state secrets, industrial espionage

    Highly sophisticated

    Nearly unlimited resources

    Advanced persistent threats