Don't wait to be breached

In spite of the best efforts of the security industry to protect enterprise networks & business applications, breaches still happen. Costing millions of dollars in the form of financial damages, tainting the reputation of corporations, they cause a lack of confidence among the end users as far as the security of their personal information is concerned. It is not enough for organizations to protect their network & IT infrastructure from a security threat by just dealing with the consequences. What they need is to have an effective and response plan in place, in case of a security breach occurs.

When it comes to security threats and breaches, they not just occur due to extramural influences but also happen from within the enterprise. Be it information theft via external data access breaches or unregulated data being exploited from within the enterprise, both need equal and adequate assiduity and diligence. Being prepared is the key and that comes with the deploying of effective measures and tools that enable effective and constructive protection against security threats from within and outside the enterprise.


Of companies experienced some level of security attack.
It’s safe to assume you’re going to be breached.”

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