SAP Assurance and Compliance Software is powered by SAP HANA. It provides comprehensive solutions to manage a range of regulatory and corporate compliance requirements scaling across the enterprise. The product contains the following solutions:

SAP Audit Management:

  • Streamline basic audit processes with intuitive documentation and mobile capabilities
  • Increase audit efficiency with better planning and reporting
  • Improve business alignment with audit processes integrated with fraud management, 
  • process control, and risk management activities

SAP Business Partner Screening:

  • Reduce screening efforts and cost
  • Improve alert management and escalations
  • Make more informed decisions about your business partners
  • Strengthen your business network using flexible, risk-based screening strategies
  • Stay in compliance with Government embargo

SAP Fraud Management: 

  • Screen high volumes of transactions and business partner data
  • Investigate and document potential fraud cases
  • Limit false positives with real-time calibration and simulation on large volumes of data
  • Improve response and control to reduce future occurrences of fraudulent activities


SAP Access Control solution automates access management activities throughout the employee lifecycle. The application automatically tests for SoD and critical-access violations, facilitates the removal of SoD or critical-access risks, and enforces the assignment of mitigating controls prior to approval. Additionally, a dynamic workflow process provides end-to-end automation for user provisioning. Key features below:

  • User access management
  • Business Role Management control
  • Periodic certifications of authorizations
  • Emergency access management


Organizations can benefit from the SAP PC solutions not only to improve compliance and control documentations but also to continuously monitor master data, systems transactions and SAP Configuration parameters. Manage company policies proactively and reduce operational risk by enabling automated alerts when control exceptions occur. Organizations can use SAP PC to institute automated, exception-based monitoring of compliance or business performance controls by extracting relevant data directly from the SAP systems.

There is high-value functionality in the application that organizations should explore more effectively to enhance their business process. Examples include:

  • Continuous Control Monitoring (CCM)
  • Integration with SAP Access Control
  • Organize Business Control Frameworks
  • Policy Management
  • Compliance Certification Process
  • Automated Workflow Notification
  • Risk Based Scoping and Management

sap security & cyber security

SAP security is one of the most important technical module. SAP Security helps shield your business from attacks and protect your information assets. E2Logicx security experts are dedicated to developing secure enterprise framework - for cloud based and on premise deployments-to help ensure the security and privacy of your business in a networked economy.

In the era of Hyper connectivity, Supercomputing, Cloud computing and Smart devices, you need a strong partner with excellent credentials in the following areas.

  • SAP & Non SAP Seciruty
  • SAP Cyber Security
  • SAP Identity Management
  • SAP Single Sign-On
  • SAP Threat Detection

SAP secure payment gateway

With secure Payment integration for SAP, merchants can automate with pre-built integration and PCI compliance, and the acceptance of electronic payment against sales orders, accounting documents, service contracts and invoices in SAP.

Transactions that originate from other systems and applications like eCommerce, electronic bill, presentment, CRM, or legacy order entry can be authorized, secured and fully integrated and settled with SAP

Evidant Features

  • Electronic Payment Acceptance
  • Data security and PCI Compliance
  • Easy Reconciliation
  • Cost Optimization
  • Enhanced Reporting
  • Reduce Fraud

SAP systems & code analysis

Almost every SAP implementation project requires customization of ABAP® coding and system configuration settings. Due to complex requirements, business process engineering and custom development add an enormous risk to the business as 95% of all customized SAP systems are vulnerable.

SYSTEMPROFILER is a unique solution for validating and optimizing SAP system configurations. The solution allows for efficient and reliable auditing and improvement of your SAP system’s security, compliance and quality (performance, robustness, maintainability).

CODEPROFILER is fully integrated into the SAP® development environment and is based on Virtual Forge’s patented global data and control flow analysis. CodeProfiler can automatically pinpoint and correct critical vulnerabilities in your ABAP code.

  • System Configuration analysis
  • ABAP code scanning
  • Read access logging
  • Unified system connectivity
  • Penetration Test
  • Business data forensic audit